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Labor & Employment Law

With the increase in complex workplace regulations, both employers and employees need strategies to tackle the comprehensive problems that will arise. The workplace is constantly changing, becoming more diverse, regulated and volatile, creating complex challenges for everyone

At Steven A. Berkowitz and Associates we are prepared to provide rapid and integrated solutions to any employment, benefits, or labor matter, working with companies of all sizes.

Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation

Executive compensation programs play an important role in both recruiting and retaining top talent. Retaining top talent is essential to any successful business. With our knowledge and experience, Steven A. Berkowitz & Associates can help you

  • Design and draft executive compensation arrangements, nonqualified deferred compensation plans and incentive programs
  • Implementing fringe benefit programs
  • Formulate and draft bonus and general commission agreements
  • Resolve bonus and commission disputes
  • Assistance with plan administration and management
  • Advice on regulatory compliance
  • General advice regarding employment law and labor relations issues related to compensation and benefit plans
  • Assistance with benefits issues in corporate transactions and restructurings
  • Representation in employee benefit litigation, from individual claims to significant class action cases
  • Representation of both senior executives and employees in their employment and severance negotiations
  • Stock options and restricted stock plans and purchase plans
OSHA Compliance
  • Counsel owners and contractors on OSHA issues unique to developers and contractors
  • Counsel owners and contractors on compliance with OSHA safety and health regulations for the construction industry
  • Pre-inspection, record keeping, and after inspection counseling
  • Contestation of citations
  • Advising on establishing and maintaining required record keeping under the new OSHA regulations
  • Coordinating safety and health audits
  • Advising on employer’s rights under OSHA and how to respond to certain OSHA requests
  • Accident prevention and post-accident counseling
  • Citation settlement discussions
  • Negotiations with OSHA personnel
  • General construction equipment compliance counseling
  • Consultation services
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The New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania Construction Attorneys at Steven A. Berkowitz & Associates, P.C. focus exclusively on meeting the legal needs of contractors, architects, engineers and owners in the construction industry. We help clients with the bidding process, claims, contract formation, construction litigation, and labor issues in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.
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