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Monday / February 12 , 2024

Navigating New Construction Laws: Implications for Firms in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

In the ever-evolving landscape of construction regulations, staying informed about new laws and regulations is paramount for construction firms to avoid legal pitfalls and ensure compliance. Recent legislative changes in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania have introduced various requirements and standards that significantly impact construction practices and may expose firms to legal…

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Tuesday / February 6 , 2024

Strategies for Construction Firms to Secure the Lowest Bid in a Competitive Environment

In the fiercely competitive construction industry, winning bids while maintaining profitability is a perpetual challenge for firms of all sizes. Securing the lowest bid requires a combination of strategic planning, meticulous preparation, and efficient execution. Here are key strategies that construction firms can employ to position themselves as the most competitive bidder: 1.…

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Friday / October 27 , 2023

He who hesitates is lost

Hall Construction Co., Inc. v. Daniel J. Keating Company Background Respondent Daniel J. Keating Company, the lowest bidder at $199,498,000, was awarded a contract for the Comprehensive Renovation and Restoration of the New Jersey State House by the New Jersey Division of Property Management and Construction (DPMC) in November 2019. Hall Construction Co.,…

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Friday / May 27 , 2022

Documents Are The Key To Win Legal Disputes

Whether in court or in arbitration, you want to be in a position of strength in the bargaining process. You will be asking for more money, while the other side will be trying to give you less money, or vice versa. You'll be in a strong position for the dispute resolution process if…

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Sunday / February 2 , 2020

How To Survive A Challenge To The Failure To List A Subcontractor

It is the golden rule of public bidding in New Jersey; if the bid documents direct the bidders to list a subcontractor, you had better list one, because failure to do so is a material defect that cannot be waived or cured.  However, there is a “loop hole.”   In the case Rencor Inc.…

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Friday / January 10 , 2020

Bid Challenge Issue

The Cost Of An Alternate Left Blank Or Filling In “N/A” It happens all of the time.  An alternate is listed in the bid documents that you do not think is applicable to your scope of work or which you do not think will change your bid price.  You then leave that alternate blank…

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Wednesday / September 4 , 2019

Mediator Announcement

Berkowitz & Associates, P.C. Takes pleasure in announcing its offering of MEDIATION SERVICES. Under the American Arbitration Association, Steven Berkowitz has successful completed extensive mediator training and is honored to offer his unique perspective to help parties resolve cases. With more than 30 years of construction experience, Steven has Engineered, Estimated, Sold, Bought…

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Monday / August 25 , 2014

Recovery Of Losses Generated From Delayed Construction Projects

American Society of Professional Estimators Presentation on recovery of losses generated from delayed construction and/or accelerated projects through the generation, assembly and submission of a project specific.    

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Wednesday / July 2 , 2014

Orchestrating Your Forces For Delay Claims, Part 5 Of 5

Webinar - part 5 - Orchestrating Your Company's Forces To Deal With Delays And Changes On A Construction Project Transcript of Orchestrating Your Forces, Part 5 of 5. Good afternoon guys and welcome to the fifth and final installment of our five-part series entitled orchestrating your organization's forces to minimize the effects of…

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Saturday / March 1 , 2014

Evaluating Your Claim, Part 4 Of 5

Evaluating Your Claim, Part 4 Of 5

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